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Paper sack (kraft sack) is a modern ecological packing article, and can be used for various products: construction, petrochemical and agricultural materials, food, etc. Paper sacks envirosafety is possible due to ecologically sound raw materials: paper, flexographic water-base printing inks, and potato starch glue.

Number and grammage of sack paper layers

We are able to produce paper sacks of one to for layers. Number of layers is determined according to the customer requirements. Number and grammage of sack paper layers determine it’s strength.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing enables to print using speed-dry inks. Four color printing makes it possible to provide full color images on the paper sacks we produce.

Sack types

Open mouth – top of the sack is open, and it can be filled the way it is convenient.

Valve sack – top of the sack is pasted, and it can be filled with the help of the valve.

Inner coating

Paper sack may include inner water-proof layer: polyethylene or laminated, depending on the requirements of the product filled.

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