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Tuber AM 8125

AM 8125Highly productive tuber for straight and pinch bottom sacks includes complete paper sacks usage range, and is equipped with WINDOWSTM XP, CNC systems.

Bottomer AD 8320

AD 8320 Universal bottomer for sack bottom and valve shaping is the first to produce paper sacks for filling volume range from 2 to 100 l, and production capacity of 330 sacks per minute. The bottomer is equipped with preset reformatting control.

Transsystem 1 and Transsystem 2

TRANSYSTEM 1TRANSYSTEM 2 The equipment assigned to connect tuber and bottomer, and to further transport sacks to palletizers.

Flexa 820 4 color printing station

FLEXA 820Modern printing station is combined with tuber and allows simple and tonal printing.

Palletizer Arkomat-2

ARCOMAT 2Automatic station for paper sacks palletizing.

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